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Custom Christmas Crackers




We are proud to supply Christmas crackers to the hotel and restaurant industries for the past decades. Either choosing from our existing catering crackers (bulk crackers) range or our design team can customise the crackers to match with your brand. We recommend either 10" (~25cm) or 12" (~30cm) crackers for our hospitality clients as these sizes work perfectly well on the dining table. But of course, we can do almost any size to suit your requirements. Example, we can foil block your logo or Christmas greeting onto your customise crackers; we can match the paper stocks and ribbon to your brand colours; we have a wide selection of contents for you to choose from or should you prefer, you can provide us with your contents.


We have been working closely with many retailers and Christmas shop since our founding. We have a large variety of retail Christmas crackers for you to choose from or our dynamic design team can tailor almost every part of the crackers to suit your brand and to make them unique for your business. As simple as the jokes or mottos, crackers size, packaging, ribbon matching, decoration, paper stocks to the entire crackers finishing, our designer will assist with all your requirements. As the gift/novelty, our sourcing team can source a range to suit your needs or should you prefer, we can use items from your existing retail range. Our account team will work closely with you from the beginning, to ensure your order is on track and we meet all the deadline for your company or your clients.


We do sell Christmas crackers (bulk crackers) to the individual. If you are looking forward to impressing your guests during the Christmas celebration or other purposes, please get in touch with us, we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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