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Party Temptation

About Us



Party Temptation, more than just a business name, is our passion and commitment to offer people with a joyful experience in any celebration occasion! 

We have our own factory located in China which has been in the high-end Christmas crackers industry for more than 20 years and we are one of the market leaders in China. Most of our crackers are exported to high street outlets in Europe especially United Kingdom, United State, Australia, New Zealand and etc.



Ranging from the quality of the paper to gifts selection, our missions are to provide good quality of Christmas crackers and offer more options for those whose are considering what to buy in any occasion. 

Besides the Christmas crackers, our product range includes cutlery, tableware, balloon, party decoration and much more you might be able to think of. We will be able to provide customised solutions for our valued customers. 



Every member of our team works closely with customers and we believe only by this we can ensure our customers enjoy their events. For any enquiry on our in-house design Christmas crackers, catering (bulk crackers) crackers and custom-made Christmas crackers we are happy to listen from you and our friendly members will be there to be part of your celebration events.